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quadrant (m)   n.   dial of clock
quadrat (m) 1  n.   square  
quadrat, -a 2  a.   square  
quadrátic, -a   a.   quadratic  
quadro (m)   n.   diamond in cards
        square on chessboard
quairo (m)   n.   picture  
qual? 1  interr. invar. which?  
qual 2  rel.pn. invar. which  
qualcausa (f)   indef.pn.   anything  
qualcún, -una   a.   any  
    indef.pn.   anybody  
  qualcún-que   indef.pn.   whoever  
  qualcune vices   adv.   at times  
qualcûy   adv.   somewhere  
qualitat (f)   n.   quality  
quand? 1  interr.   when?  
quand 2  rel.pn.   when  
quant, -a?   interr.   how much?  
  quant priym   adv.   as soon as possible  
  quanti, -e?   interr.   how many?  
quantitat (f)   n.   quantity  
quar   conj.   because  
quaranta   num.card.   forty  
quarantiyna (f)   n.   quarantine  
Quareisma (f)   n.   Lent  
quarera (f)   n.   quarry  
quart (m) 1  n.   quarter one fourth
  quart d'houra   n.   quarter of an hour  
  quart, -a 2  num.ord.   fourth  
  un quart   num.fract.   quarter one fourth
  un quart, un   num.fract.   one-fourth  
quartêr (m)   n.   quarter of a city
quartzera (f)   n.   quarter reprieve from being killed
quásar (m)   n.   quasar  
quasi   adv.   almost  
quassar   v.tr.   shake move to and fro
quassata (f)   n.   jerk sudden shaking
quatern (m)   n.   notebook  
quatro   num.card.   four  
  quatro-centi   num.card.   four hundred  
quattorci   num.card.   fourteen  
quayl (m)   n.   coagulation  
  quayl de sang   n.   blood clot  
quaylar   v.i.   clot  
que 1  rel.pn.   that  
        whom inanim., nom.
que 2  conj.   than  
qué? 1  interr.   what?  
  qué houra és?   phr.   what time is it?  
  qué peina!   phr.   what a pity!  
        what a shame!  
  qué vi ha?   phr.   what is the matter?  
qué 2  rel.pn.   whom after prep., inanimate
Quêbec (m)   pr.n.   Quebec  
quêil, quella   rel.pn. M Pl: quelli, quêls that which  
quen   rel.pn.   whom simple rel.
quén? 1  interr.   whom?  
quén 2  rel.pn.   whom after prep.
quenro (m)   n.   crab  
  Quenro   pr.n.   Cancer astrol.
querc (m)   n.   oak  
quereir   v.tr. Fut: querroy look for  
    v.i.   search  
querella (f)   n.   quarrel  
qüessoun (f)   n.   question  
quest, -a   dem.a.   that  
    a.   the former  
qui? 1  interr.   who?  
qui 2  rel.pn.   who  
quilha (f)   n.   keel  
quinci   num.card.   fifteen  
quindzi (m)   n.   fortnight  
quinina (f)   n.   quinine  
quint, -a   num.ord.   fifth  
  un quint   num.fract.   one-fifth  
quota (f)   n.   quota  
quotar   v.tr.   quote a price
quotidzán, -aina   a. Pl: quotidzaini, quotidzans daily  

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