udder   n. uvro (m)  
ugliness   n. tûrpitude (f)  
ugly   a. feid, -a  
      laid, -a  
Ukraine   pr.n. Ûcraina (f)  
Ukrainian   nat.n/a ûcrainián (m), -ana (f)  
ultraviolet   a. ûltravioletta  
umbrella   n. paraplûya (f)  
umpire   n. arbitro (m), -a (f)  
unbutton dissartzolar  
uncle   n. aunclo (m)  
      tî (m) appellation
uncomfortable   a. incômmod, -a  
unconscious   a. inconscient  
uncover discovriyr  
under   prep.  
  underground (railway)   n. metropolitaina (f)  
      metro (f)  
underline sûlinhar  
underlining   n. sûlinha (f)  
underneath   adv. debaix  
underpants   n. caltzoni (m pl)  
undershirt   n. camijiyna (f)  
understand comprendeir  
understanding   a. comprensiyv, -a  
undertake intreprendeir  
undertaker   n. imprezêr (m) de pompas funebres  
undertaking   n. impreiza (f)  
underwear   n. xûvestiyti (m pl)  
underworld   n. bassi-fûndi (m pl)  
underwrite sûscriveir  
underwriter   n. assecuratour (m)  
undoubtedly   adv. sin dûita  
undress disvestiyr  
    v.i. disvestiyr-se  
uneasy   a. inqueit, -a  
unemployed   a. disemplicat, -a  
unemployment   n. disemplica (f)  
unequal   a. inêqual  
unexpected   a. inattendut, -a sg neutral or negative
      inesperat, -a sg positive
unfair   a. injust, -a unjust
      disleal unethical
unfaithful   a. infedeil  
unfasten disfiyxar  
unfortunate   a. infortunat, -a  
unfortunately   adv. infortunatament  
      per mala sort  
unfurnished   a. non âmovlat, -a  
ungrateful   a. ingrat, -a  
unhappy   a. infêliyç  
unhealthy   a. malsán, malsaina  
unheard of   a. inaudiyt, -a  
unit   n. unitat (f)  
unite uniyr  
united   a. uniyt, -a  
  United Kingdom   pr.n. Rêgalme-Uniyt (m)  
  United Nations   n. Natzouni-Uniyte (f pl)  
  United States   pr.n. Estati-Uniyti (m pl)  
universe   n. univêrs (m)  
university   n. universitat (f)  
unjust   a. injust, -a  
unknown   a. incognosçut, -a not known or discovered
      inédit, -a not yet revealed
unless   conj. a min que  
unload discargar  
unlucky   a. disfortunat, -a  
unnecessary   a. inútil  
unoccupied   a. libro, -a room
unpleasant   a. disagratábil  
unsafe   a. insecur, -a  
unstretchable   a. inextensíbil  
untie disliar  
until   prep. usca  
untrue   a. fâls, falsa  
unusual   a. insólit, -a  
unwillingly   adv. a cór pezat  
unwise   a. mal-considerat, -a  
unworthy   a. indign, -a  
unwrap dispaquettar  
up   adv. en alt  
      a sura  
  up to   prep. usca  
upper   a. sûperiour  
upset reversar an object
      navirar a person
upstairs   adv. en alt  
upwards   adv. a sura  
uranium   n. urán (m)  
Uranus   pr.n. Urán (m)  
urge impelleir  
urgent   a. ûrgent  
urinate   v.i. urinar  
      pixar vulg.
urine   n. uriyna (f)  
Uruguay   pr.n. Ûrûguay (m)  
Uruguayan   nat.n/a ûrûguayán (m), -ana (f)  
us nos acc.
      noi dat., after prep.
USA   pr.n. Estati-Uniyti (m pl) d'América (USA)  
use 1 n. utilizatzoun (f)  
      us (m)  
      emplic (m)  
use 2 usar  
      emplicar employ
      serviyr-si (de) make use of
used   a. usat, -a  
useful   a. útil  
useless   a. inútil  
usher   n. mostratour (m), -a (f)  
usual   a. usual  
      sólit, -a  
uterus   n. ûter (m)  
utilize utilizar  
utter êmitteir  
utterance   n. exprêixoun (f)  
      êmixoun (f)  

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